Workshop for Club Officers

November 12th, 2019 | News

Two important workshops for club officers take place in the Kilmore Hotel Tuesday November 12th at 8pm.
1 Preparing Club Accounts & Financial Governance:-For Treasurers
  • The evening will focus on the Club Accounts Template introduced last.
  • The template standardises and simplifies the process:
  • It eases the workload and protects the Treasurers
  • It is now the minimum acceptable GAA standard.
2 Running a Successful AGM:-For Chairpersons & Secretaries
Topics covered include
  • Preparing for the AGM
  • Rules governing the AGM-Nominations,Quorm,Voting etc
  • Tips on how to keep the meeting running smoothly
  • Post AGM actions

Everybody is more than welcome particularly Club Officers.


Further details from County Development Officer Michael Reynolds on